What to Do Before Renting Warehouse Space

Searching for a quality warehouse space for rent in Tampa requires a bit of forethought. To ensure you end up in the right space, be clear on what you need, plan to visit several warehouse sites, and prepare for negotiations.

Know What You Need

Warehouses are generally used as storage and distribution centers so you’ll need to decide the amount of space you need. Think about the storing systems, equipment, and other critical products you’ll need space for. This is the time to think about every feature you need including loading docks, ceiling heights, HVAC needs, power supplies, onsite offices, flooring, and large parking areas for trailers and trucking

Visit Several Warehouses

Technology has made it very easy for us to search for what we want online but what you see online may not always be what you get in person. Our expert brokers always recommend contacting a real estate agent to help you find the right warehouse for rent in Tampa. Never settle on one property before you get a chance to see the different options available to you. When you visit in person you have the opportunity to compare the square footage, fire-prevention systems, the flexibility of the space, if there is sufficient parking and clearance for large vehicles, or whether the lighting is energy-efficient. Assessing all of this can help you better determine if the property suits your needs.

Prepare for Negotiation

To better prepare for negotiation, familiarize yourself with the property. Find out who the owner is, how long they have owned the property, if the owner is local. Learn about the history of the building as well. For example, how old is the building? Who were the last few tenants? Why did they leave?

As an expert industrial real estate brokerage, we are more than happy to conduct a lease analysis and present you with properties that match your needs. We will also negotiate satisfactory leasing terms on your behalf. With the above tips, we are more than confident that you will find a warehouse that suits your business needs.

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