Tips for Converting Industrial Real Estate into a Restaurant Part 2

Opening your own restaurant is a challenging, yet rewarding journey. Part of that journey is finding the right location. While there a number options to consider, procuring industrial property for rent in Tampa presents an opportunity to create a space that stands apart from the competition. A restaurant converted from a warehouse has a sense of character unseen in traditional dwellings. Done right, it can provide an unforgettable dining experience for patrons.

However, converting industrial properties is an arduous process. That’s why we’ve created this two-part guiding on warehouse to restaurant conversions. If the steps are followed closely, you’ll have a greater chance for success. If you missed the first part of this series, click here to catch up.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Fire Safety and Ventilation Systems

This is critical for any restaurant construction, but it’s especially important when working with an older structure. Sprinkler and fire suppression systems must be put in place. Also, all exits must be easily accessible and clearly marked. Kitchens can become quite hot, so your space must facilitate ventilation in some way. An exhaust hood will have to be constructed, if it doesn’t already exist, and routed to the outside.

Purchasing Insurance

You will need to investigate the insurance requirements for operating a restaurant in your space. A conversation with your insurance agent will provide insight on your specific requirements.

Working with a Contractor

Once you have plans drawn up for your restaurant conversion and you know your space is up to code, it’s time to get a contractor involved in this process. They will be able work your architect to convert the plans into a tangible construction project. They will also understand what permits are needed and the process for securing them. The contractor will be your lead in terms of working with inspectors as well.

Purchase Equipment

In tandem to working with a contractor, you will need to determine the equipment that you will need in the kitchen. The kitchen equipment will be determined by your menu items. Those items will have specific requirements for storage, cooking and refrigeration. These are large investments, but making the right choices in this area are essential to your success.

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