Tips for Converting Industrial Real Estate into a Restaurant Part 1

Whether you are currently working in the hospitality industry or you have a penchant for great food, it may be your dream to run your own restaurant. To see a packed house full of patrons enjoying food inspired by your own tastes and journey. While it’s a physical and financial challenge to bring a restaurant to life, there are opportunities, using industrial real estate in Tampa, to make your establishment unique and, possibly, cut costs. Many industrial buildings are underutilized or currently out of use. With the right concept and attention to detail, you can make the space stand out by converting it.

What must be understood immediately when converting industrial space is that it’s a process. There’s a great deal of paperwork that needs to be completed, numerous inspections, and a number of entities involved. However, by following the steps in this two-part series, you greatly increase the likelihood of establishing your own restaurant.

Make Sure Your Industrial Real Estate Is Zoned Correctly

When looking for Tampa industrial real estate, check to make sure it’s zoned for restaurant use. Not all areas are and you don’t want to waste your resources on a building that you can’t use. Ideally, your warehouse will be in an area zoned for commercial use. Further, it may need to be zoned specifically for restaurants. Additional restrictions to consider is it’s proximity to schools and churches, neighborhood restrictions, and the amount of available parking.

Is the Building Up to Code? And Other Government Regulations

Once you determine that the building is zoned correctly, it’s now time to turn your attention to the building itself. Does it comply with building code? Is it in standard condition for housing a restaurant? Does it have the necessary amount of exits? Is it ADA-compliant? Does it meet electrical and plumbing requirements? Due to the nature of food preparation, fire department regulations will figure prominently into your plans. Your space will also need to meet health department requirements.

Restaurant Design

If your space complies with space requirements, it’s time to consider the design of your space. Based on the type of food that your will be serving, an architect can work with your to create a layout that best utilizes your space. Items to consider include, the location of air vents (and ventilation, in general), plumbing and electrical outlets. If you are not able to use the buildings original vents, outlets or plumbing system, your renovation will cost significantly more. Later, the architect will create blueprints for your restaurant’s design.

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