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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Us

It’s FREE – We will be paid by the Landlord even though we represent you exclusively. It sounds counter-intuitive but that’s how it works. Landlords budget for our fees ahead of time, so it will not affect your deal. Again, it’s free for you.

Saves Time – You have a business to run and we get that. We specialize in tenant representation and know the market, enabling us to find on and off-market properties as well as narrowing the options to those best suited to your needs.

Saves Money. We will save you money by finding space that is the most efficient enabling you to get more out of less. Moreover, we know pricing in the market as well as prices paid by other tenants in your building and the concessions received by those tenants, and will negotiate hard to get you the best deal possible.

Find the Right Property – We will use our market knowledge to help you avoid properties with inherent problems such as insufficient parking, inadequate air conditioning, leaky roofs, etc. We will also help you avoid difficult landlords and those with insufficient finances to properly maintain the property.

Provide Flexibility for Future Business Growth and Contractions – Let’s face it, predicting future office and warehouse requirements can be difficult. Your business may grow rapidly or you may hit a rough spot where you need to dramatically reduce the amount of space you lease. A knowledgeable tenant rep broker will negotiate rights of first refusal to help you grow, as well as sublease and termination options in the event you need to reduce your footprint.

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