Most Common Types of Industrial Properties Part 2

Industrial properties are the engine that push businesses forward. While many of these locations aren’t fancy their usefulness can’t be denied. As mentioned in part one of this series, industrial properties can be used for distribution of goods, as well as manufacturing, and general storage. However, the use of these properties goes beyond the ones mentioned.

In part two of this series, we will look at the niche uses that are putting warehouse space for sale in Tampa in such high demand.

Research & Development (R&D)

More and more, warehouses are being used as R&D centers. These buildings are dedicated to research studies and the testing of new products. The size of the space varies depending on the product that’s being produced. Many of these warehouses serve as a combination manufacturing/office space. They have a tendency to be found in larger business parks.


Similarly, warehouses are being dedicated to the testing and analysis of biotechnology. Essentially, they are laboratories where drugs and chemicals may be tested. These spaces are characterized by extensive plumbing systems, temperature control, and direct ventilation.

Data Centers

One of the most popular uses for warehouse spaces can be found in information technology. As our production and consumption of data continues to grow, data centers will become even more prevalent. They are large areas that require a great deal of power to function. Not only do the computer servers they house require a large amount of power, extensive HVAC systems are used to keep them cool. The floors are typically made with reinforced slabs to support the weight of the equipment and backup generators.

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