Most Common Types of Industrial Properties Part 1

In the world of commercial real estate, industrial property doesn’t typically have the pizazz of residential or retail property. However, it doesn’t make it any less critical to the business community. It’s often industrial property that makes businesses go with ties to retail, research & development (R&D), and information technology. That’s why industrial properties are seen as more stable investments than their counterparts.

Whether you are looking to purchase a warehouse or you’re looking for an industrial warehouse for lease in Tampa, it’s important to know what you are shopping for. In this two-part series, we will give the characteristics of industrial properties. Part one will cover basic property types, while part two will cover niche types.

Storage Facilities

An industrial warehouse for rent in Tampa can be used for the storage of goods. These buildings are large but not particularly complex because they are simply holding products. One variation of the storage facility is the cold-storage warehouse, which is specifically designed to hold perishable items.

Distribution Warehouses

These warehouses are hubs for the movement of products. They are designed to accommodate shipping, many of which have truck doors and loading docks. Distribution warehouses are typically found near transportation areas like airports and shipping ports.

Heavy Manufacturing Warehouses

These warehouses are large facilities designed to hold the equipment necessary to create larger goods such as automobiles. Heavy manufacturing warehouses share some similarities with distribution centers in that they have truck doors and loading docks. Additional, heavy manufacturing warehouses require a three-phase electrical system to power the equipment it houses.

Light Industrial Warehouses

Light industrial warehouses are smaller warehouses used for tasks that do not require heavy-duty machinery. These warehouses can house parts assembly equipment as well as printing and maintenance shops.

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