Key Features to Look for in Industrial Spaces Part 2

Locating the best industrial property for rent in Tampa for your business is a big deal. It’s important to do your due diligence by researching several properties and working with a reputable real estate agent when evaluating your options. In part one, we discussed energy efficient lighting, roof loads, and parking. In this second part, we’ll talk about sprinkler systems, ceiling heights, and flat floors.

Early Suppression, Fast Response (ESFR) Sprinkler Systems

Warehouse sprinkler systems protect storage hazards; however, the ESFR sprinkler extinguishes fires rather than controlling them. When water flow from an ESFR sprinkler is released directly into a fire, it attacks the fire’s fuel source and suppresses it. The ESFR can be used in place of an in-rack fire sprinkler system which doesn’t prevent fires, but only contains them. It also allows the rearrangement of storage racks without the costly reconfiguration of the in-rack sprinkler piping when such systems are installed in racks. Additionally, the system protects warehouse commodities without the help of in-rack sprinkler protection in rack storage structures.

Ceiling Heights

Ceiling heights range between 18 ft. to 25 ft. However, some owners are looking for industrial property for rent in Tampa with higher ceiling heights or are making arrangement to have their industrial roofs raised down the line. If you will be operating large equipment and stacking products, plan to invest in a building with a higher ceiling.

Super Flat Floors

If you’re a tenant that uses vehicles such as forklifts and material handling equipment, these vehicles are most effective when your building’s floor is perfectly flat and level. The best way to meet perfect flatness is to know what floor tolerance level is required before you lease the building. With the proper floor leveling, your floors will be better able to handle the intense movement of machinery.

In Conclusion

You may run into some industrial spaces that will not fit all of your criteria, but this is where a knowledgeable real estate agent can be a great resource. An industrial real estate broker can discuss with you options for changing the space to suit your business needs. Additionally, a broker can discuss details such as the types of fire-prevention systems and energy-efficient lighting that may be in place. Also, you can learn about the parking, modifying the space, and clearance if you will be using delivery trucks.

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