Key Features to Look for in Industrial Spaces Part 1

If your company plans to sell physical products or use a warehouse, manufacturing building, or multi-use space for product or goods production, storage, fulfillment, or distribution, this two-part article will list key features to keep in mind when you start your search for industrial real estate in Tampa. Part two will conclude our article.

T5 and T8 Energy-Efficient Fluorescent Lights

Since 2012, the use of T12 lamps in commercial buildings has been discontinued by the United States. The EPA encourages all industrial building tenants to upgrade their lighting to reduce mercury and fossil-based fuel to T5 and T8 light bulbs. Both T5 and T8 light bulbs, ⅝ inches and 1 inch in diameter, respectively, are smaller and use less energy. It is widely known that the smaller the lamps, the more energy efficient they are. Using energy-efficient fluorescent lights will help decrease the use of mercury and energy consumption.

Roofs That Will Support Heavy Loads

Many tenants are inquiring about roof loads in order to maximize their space. One of the issues with industrial buildings is the overuse or underuse of the roof surface. For example, things are stored on the roof that the roof isn’t strong enough to support. This will cause the roof to fail over time. On the other hand, some tenants don’t utilize their roofing enough. This can be a problem if they’ve spent a lot of money on a strong roof that doesn’t get nearly enough use as it could. Before purchasing a Tampa industrial real estate, consider the types of loads your roof will need to support.

More Parking

Parking is an ongoing concern with industrial buildings where parking is needed for customers. The issue isn’t that there isn’t enough parking, rather, there’s never enough. If you foresee the need for ample parking, you should be inquiring not only about parking and traffic restrictions and limitations, but what permits are required if you desire more parking down the line.

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