Investment Sales

We will assess your property’s current market value conducting a thorough analysis of its marketability while presenting our recommendations and strategies for disposition considering highest & best use, proper positioning, aggressive marketing, and ultimately sale using the latest technological tools and methods for achieving the most aggressive sale price possible in the least amount of time.

Why Consider a Sale Lease-Back of Your Property?

Pros and Cons
Sale-leaseback transactions offer significant advantages to the seller’s organization:

  • Non-liquid assets become liquid cash
  • Cash replaces capital assets on the balance sheet
  • Any debt associated with the real estate is removed from the balance sheet
  • Debt-to-equity ratios improve
  • Lease payments are deductible as expenses

But there are drawbacks

  • Generally accepted accounting principles require gains from a sale-leaseback transaction to be deferred from profit and amortized over the period of leaseback
  • Losses from these transactions must be recognized immediately
  • Proposed new accounting standards will require lessees to recognize future rent payments as liabilities
  • And there may be tax liabilities that reduce the sale’s net proceeds

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