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At Lamm Properties, we offer comprehensive commercial and industrial real estate investment sales services. Our team can guide you through the dynamic process of acquiring, managing, and selling income-generating properties within these sectors.

We understand that commercial and industrial real estate investments can offer the potential for lucrative returns through capital appreciation and steady cash flow from rental income. Our experts can help you analyze various factors such as location, property type, market trends, tenant profiles, and financial performance to identify promising investment opportunities.

Our skilled negotiators and due diligence team will help you secure favorable acquisition terms, while our strategic asset management and property enhancement initiatives can drive long-term value creation. With our market knowledge, expertise, and timing, we can help you optimize your portfolio and achieve robust returns in a constantly evolving market.

Commercial and industrial real estate investment sales is a high-stakes arena where savvy investors can leverage our services to achieve their financial goals.

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Considering a Sale Lease-Back for Your Property? Weigh the Pros and Cons.

Sale-leaseback transactions offer notable benefits for the seller’s organization:

  • Transform non-liquid assets into liquid cash
  • Replace capital assets with cash on the balance sheet
  • Remove any real estate-related debt from the balance sheet
  • Improve debt-to-equity ratios
  • Deduct lease payments as expenses

However, there are also drawbacks:

  • Generally accepted accounting principles necessitate deferring gains from sale-leaseback transactions and amortizing them over the leaseback period
  • Immediate recognition of losses from these transactions
  • Proposed new accounting standards will mandate lessees to recognize future rent payments as liabilities
  • Potential tax liabilities could reduce the net proceeds from the sale

ChatGPT Integration

Unlock the potential of commercial industrial property investment sales with Lamm Properties Inc. Our expert team combines deep market knowledge with advanced tools, including ChatGPT, to deliver comprehensive and tailored investment analyses. Experience the future of commercial industrial investment sales by partnering with Lamm Properties Inc. Trust us to provide you with insightful and data-driven investment strategies that maximize returns and drive your portfolio’s success.

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