6 Creative Uses for Industrial Space Part 2

There are a number of great business ideas that can be successfully implemented using an industrial warehouse for rent in Tampa. Why an industrial space? These spaces have a tendency to be more affordable than other commercial real estate. They are also more adaptable. These space can serve as offices, restaurants, event venues, and, of course, as storage or manufacturing facilities. Industrial space also has more flexibility in terms of zoning.

In this two part series, we give creative ideas for how you can utilize industrial space to create a successful business. For more ideas, visit part one of this series.

Sports Venue

Warehouse space can easily be adapted into an indoor sports facility. Most people think of basketball when thinking of indoor sports. However, there are many examples of these facilities housing soccer and lacrosse fields, as well as baseball training facilities. This use can not only give you opportunities to host leagues and tournaments, but summer camps can utilize the space as well.

Fun Centers

Warehouse space works great for indoor fun centers. Whether you want to fill the space with, arcade machines, bounce houses, or trampolines, warehouses provide a bevy of space to do so. You will likely want to lay rubber flooring down for safety reasons. You may also be required to make all patrons sign a waiver in order to participate in activities.

Cultural Centers

The look and feel of warehouses blend well with the artist’s aesthetic. There are numerous examples of art galleries employing warehouse space. You can take this one step further and create a venue in which art, in various forms, is made, displayed, and sold. Events and workshops can take place in this space as well.

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