6 Creative Uses for Industrial Space Part 1

If you are seeking industrial property for rent in Tampa, you have many options from light industrial warehouses to manufacturing centers. You also have a number of options for how you utilize the space. In this two-part series, we will highlight a number of business ideas that companies nationwide are employing for their leased warehouse space.

Important Considerations

Always review your lease closely to make sure that you are allowed to make the necessary changes to convert the space into your desired enterprise. Also, make sure that you are zoned for the business that you would like to pursue. If you are going to use the space to sell and serve alcohol, you will need a temporary or permanent liquor license. You will also have to meet health department regulations, if you are opening a restaurant.

Creative Uses

If you are looking for business ideas and a place to facilitate them, industrial property is a great option. These spaces are typically larger than traditional spaces, easy to adapt, and are governed by more flexible zoning laws. Below is a list of three ideas to consider. For more ideas, visit part 2 of this series:

CrossFit Gym

CrossFit gyms work well in industrial spaces. These spaces are wide enough to fit necessary equipment. In CrossFit, the idea is that you work as hard as possible to achieve your fitness goals. So having a fancy workout space is not a requirement. As a matter of fact, the blue collar aesthetic helps. You will need to lay down rubber mats. Also, you may be required to have members sign a liability waiver in order to join your gym.

Craft Brewery

In Tampa and across the United States, craft breweries with tasting rooms are revitalizing warehouse districts. Since many warehouses formerly housed manufacturing operations for a variety of products, these spaces transition almost seamlessly to beer production. There’s room for tanks and other large equipment and easy-to-clean concrete floors.


Throughout the country, people are using warehouses to create innovative schools. Areas need to be partitioned to make classrooms and offices. You will also need to make sure that the space has been wired for WiFi.

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