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Construction & Design

Lamm Properties works with a number of General Contractors and Architects in the Tampa area we believe are the best in the business. We have special relationships with vendors who perform extremely well with cost-effectiveness top of mind.

Let us know what you would like to accomplish with your new space and we will collaborate with our general contractor, architect, municipal permitting, zoning & development, and relocation partners to assist you through this stressful process.

Space Planning

The most crucial part of any project is to create a precise and all-encompassing Space Plan that accurately captures the vision of the space. At Lamm Properties Inc, we assist our clients throughout this process by utilizing a comprehensive Space Planning Checklist. This approach, if well-managed, helps our clients avoid the expensive oversights and errors that often occur during the initial design stages.

Effective space planning necessitates careful consideration of the principles of design – harmony, emphasis, rhythm, balance and scale – in order to create effective and aesthetically pleasing interiors. The scale and proportion of interiors should always be related to the scale and proportions of the human frame. In conjunction with our architect, designer, and general contractor partners we will provide an end-to-end one-stop-shop solution for your business relocation requirements.


Relocating a warehouse or industrial plant is a complex process that can involve moving raw and finished goods, inventory, storage racking, heavy machinery, handling equipment, and critical technology assets. We understand these assets are critical to what you do, that’s why Suddath® created a complete warehouse moving and industrial plant relocation checklist to give you in-depth information that will make your move faster, easier and reduce downtime to your business.The Warehouse and Industrial move checklist includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions to prepare for relocating your warehouse or industrial plant
  • Interactive checklist that enables you to keep track of tasks as they are completed
  • The easy button for ensuring you’re properly managing every aspect of a warehouse move

Click Here for a Free “Relocation Checklist” (Sponsored by Suddath)

Warehouse relocation services include:

  • Warehouse layout planning
  • Warehouse relocation planning and oversight
  • Specialized rigging
  • Disassembly and reassembly of racking systems
  • Parts packing and material preparations
  • Specialized transportation
  • Vendor management

Commercial Property Insurance (Florida)

The Florida Property Insurance Market can be challenging and costly. Here are a few items to be cognizant of in the post-Hurricane Ian Insurance Property Market that we live in: Property rate keeps driving premiums for Florida Commercial Insureds. Here are some different classifications of insurance to be aware of to secure better rates:

  • Building Coverage: This covers the valuation of any building and any permanently installed fixtures and equipment – Usually the most expensive Rate.
  • Business Personal Property:  This is coverage for tenants’ items (Chairs, desks, miscellaneous items for business use at the premise.) – Usually has a rate less expensive than Building Coverage.
  • Tenant Improvements:  This property classification can be used to insure the valuation of tenant build-outs. This valuation can sometimes be allocated in Business Personal Property but should be reconsidered. – This rate is the least expensive compared to Building and Business Personal Property.

There are other means of insurance policies to cover property exposures for a tenant. Here are a few of the items that carriers use when underwriting risk with property exposures (Building owners and/or tenants).

  • Age of building
  • Construction type
  • Distance to Coast
  • Intended Building Use

Updates to the following areas:

  • Roof
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical

The age of the roof is extremely important for building owners and/or tenants when requesting wind and/or hurricane insurance. A majority of carriers will not want to provide wind coverage for 20+-Year-old roofs. Review and consider when the last time your building’s roof was assessed and the potential cost savings incurred if the roof was updated, as this will result in better-rated terms on insurance coverage.

It is especially helpful to note that the age of the building and the condition of its key systems, such as the roof, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, can significantly impact insurance rates. This underscores the importance of proper maintenance and updates to these areas, as they can result in better-rated terms on insurance coverage and ultimately save money for property owners and tenants in the long run.

Overall, it is essential for businesses to work with knowledgeable and experienced brokers and insurance professionals who can provide guidance and advice on the best insurance options for their specific property and needs. This can help ensure that they are adequately protected and can minimize their insurance costs.

ChatGTP Integration

Experience the future of commercial tenant relocation services with Lamm Properties Inc. By integrating ChatGPT, our AI-driven technology, we revolutionize the way we assist tenants in finding their perfect commercial space.

Our ChatGPT-powered solutions deliver personalized and efficient results tailored to your specific relocation needs. Step into the future today and discover the unparalleled benefits of our innovative approach to commercial tenant relocation.

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